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 My character sheets

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My character sheets Empty
PostSubject: My character sheets   My character sheets Icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 7:19 pm

Here is a character that I will probably use for more then one RP...Which is why some info may not be filled out.


Full name: Kassidy Gabe Bailey

Nickname(s): Kassy

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 18

Birthday: June 17th

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Nationality: American/Irish

City or town of birth: Brooklyn, New York

Currently lives: Depends on the roleplay

Languages spoken: English, French

Native language: English

Job: Depends on roleplay

Religious beliefs: Catholic

Smoker?: Yes

Drinker?: Yes

Drug User?: No


Height: 6ft

Weight: 150

Figure/build: Really slim.

Hairstyle and colour: Reddish/ brown slightly curly hair, chin length

Eye colour: Blue

Skin/fur colour: White

Tattoos: Red bleeding heart with a sword through it on his right shoulder.

Scars: None

Piercings: Piercings all the way along his left ear.

Preferred style of clothing: Slightly punk.

Personality (and other stuff)

Personality: Energetic ,Clever, Imaginative, Witty, Adaptable

*being free to move around
* the excitement of travel
* talking
* telephones, gadgets, instant food
* acting as devil's advocate
* doing several things at once
* knowledge, information
* acting quickly on decisions
* variety, novelty, change
* company, being among people
* pseudonyms
* getting to the bottom of things
* talking
* novelty and the unusual
* variety in life
* multiple projects all going at once
* reading

* listening to endless complaints
* regimentation
* not knowing what's going on
* wasting time
* being kept waiting
* making irrevocable commitments
* being defeated
* fixed ideas
* having to concentrate on only one thing for a long time
* feeling tied down
* learning, such as school
* being in a rut
* mental inaction
* being alone

Fears/phobias: (Based on star sign) Fears having their curiosity suppressed and their voice silenced; knowledge taken out of reach and their movement restricted. Perhaps they fear that they really don’t know anything. If they are covering up or combating that fear in a less than conscious way, they may try to appear the most knowledgeable in order to gain esteem and proof that they are smart or know more than others, being manipulative even, to prove their intellectual power to themselves. But trying to deal with their fear that way is unending, because the real way to transform the fear is to acknowledge that the beauty of learning is that we don’t yet know everything; that it’s a gift to always have more to learn, and that’s what keeps you young and alive. Knowledge and truth can never be hidden forever, even if books are burned and schools are overcontrolled.

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite food(s): Ramen, noodles, oreos, chocolate.

Favourite drink(s): Coffee, tea, soda

Hobbies: Painting

Talents/skills: Artistic, creative


Peaceful or aggressive: Peaceful

Fighting skills/techniques: None.

Weapon of choice (if any): None.


Parents: Dead.

Siblings: A little sister, whom he hasn’t seen in years.

Children: None.

Other Important Relatives:X

Partner: X

Best Friend:X

Other Important Friends:X

Enemies: X


Life story

Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc): X

Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): X

Teenage years (11 - 19): X

Adult years (20 on):X
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My character sheets
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