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 ~ Crepes!'s Characters ~

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PostSubject: ~ Crepes!'s Characters ~   ~ Crepes!'s Characters ~ Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 2:59 am


Full name: Travis Walker

Nickname(s): …Travis. xD

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 20

Birthday: December 27

Sexuality: Straight, but careless with it. He doesn’t like most people.

Relationship Status: Single

Nationality: English

City or town of birth: Raleigh, North Carolina

Currently lives: Travels around, going where the wind takes him.

Languages spoken: English.

Native language: English.

Job: Self-proclaimed bounty hunter. ((that means Shadows. Surprised))

Religious beliefs: Believes in a god and an afterlife.

Smoker?: Yes

Drinker?: Yes

Drug User?: No


Height: 6’2”

Weight: Around 160

Figure/build: Slim but muscular, kind of athletic.

Hairstyle and colour: Dark brown, nearly black. Stringy and a little messy. A bit past his shoulders.

Eye colour: Bright blue.

Skin/fur colour: Slightly tanned from the sun.

Tattoos: A snake wound around a sword down his back.

Scars: Many small ones.

Piercings: Cartilage piercing in his left ear.

Preferred style of clothing: Baggy cargo pants, fitted black shirt. Every day.

Personality (and other stuff)

Personality: Grungy and reluctant to trust others. Very much so a loner. Once he lets someone in, he’s more compassionate than one would think.

- Pianos
- Having something to hold onto
- Anything sugary
- Wide open spaces
- Sunrises
- The feeling of accomplishment

- Being blatantly alone
- Being told he’s wrong
- Anything having to do with big crowds of people
- Things that are loud
- People who act cocky
- Technology

Fears/phobias: Failure, death, growing old, being manipulated.

Favourite colour: Anything mellow.

Favourite food(s): Like I said, sugary things. Especially chocolate and apple pastries.

Favourite drink(s): Frothy coffee drinks, but since the world’s falling out, he's taken to heavy alcoholism.

Hobbies: Works out compulsively.

Talents/skills: Quick on his feet, good with close combat. Also has a good ear for music.

Peaceful or aggressive: Usually aggressive, very on-edge.

Fighting skills/techniques: Highly developed.

Weapon of choice (if any): Generally doesn’t use any, but carries a pistol is his belongings for extreme situations.


Parents: Dead.

Siblings: His sister died of Leukemia when she was young, and his older brother was killed by Shadows along with his parents.

Children: None.

Other Important Relatives: N/A

Partner: Never had one.

Best Friend: Currently, doesn’t have one.

Other Important Friends: No other people to call his friends. The few sane people he’s met he’s far from trusting.

Enemies: Shadows.

Pets: N/A

Life story

Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc): An average birth, although rushed.

Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): He lived a simple, comfortable childhood, but when he turned 10, his sister passed away from disease. He was devastated, and at this same time, the world began it’s falling out. He began to lose his innocence at that point.

Teenage years (11 - 19): His parents constantly lied to him about the condition that the world was in, clicking the News off the TV whenever he or his brother entered the room. A year or so later, Travis became fed up with the adult’s excuses and found out what was really going on by sneaking online to look. He came upon websites made by a group of radical Christians who ranted about the end of the world. Travis had been raised to believe in God, so this terrified him. Not too much later, when the president killed himself, the Shadows escaped the government and went on a blood-thirsty rage now that there was no one to control them. Travis’s hometown was wiped out in a matter of days, and when he saw that his family was killed, he fled the town and hid in a bomb-shelter until everything was barren. From that day on, he vowed to kill Shadows on sight wherever he went.
((really shitty writing for a back-story, but that’s just the gist of it. XD))
(((I discussed the role of Shadows in Travis's past with Fritters. She approved. Please don't be angry with me. D:)))

Adult years (20 on): Travels alone, killing Shadows. Is now heading north. He tells himself it’s to find more neutral climates, but in his heart he’s just looking for other humans who haven’t completely lost their minds.
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~ Crepes!'s Characters ~
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