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 The Fallen Angel (Poem)

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The Fallen Angel (Poem) Empty
PostSubject: The Fallen Angel (Poem)   The Fallen Angel (Poem) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2009 8:43 pm

Here is a poem I wrote earlier. ^_^ Hope you all like it!

A fallen angel listens closely
To the words once said to me
Tears run down her pale white face
For her eyes they can not see
The colors of my emotions
Floating on an endless sea
She longs to understand
Ones immortality

Maybe one day our paths will cross
The fallen angel and me
For now she sits and waits
By her tombstone
Waiting for me

Time does pass
The snow does fall
Fire burns and ends it all
Hours come
And then they go
She sings a song we used to know
About the sunshine on a summers day
About everything that has now gone away

To the heavens she screams
But can’t stand the sound
Her eyes, they do open now
Sky blue like the place she wishes to go

But her wings have been torn
And now she bleeds
Smoldering in agony

Never again shall she see
The way life used to be
White has turned into black
The sweet smile will never come back

Lightning Flashes
Thunder calls
Rain cries with the angel that will never be loved

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The Fallen Angel (Poem)
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