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PKMN: Wannabe Heroes on the Run

General – For PokeMorph Roleplays
Full name: Fevel (???)
Nickname(s): N/A
Gender: Male
Species: PokeMorph (Human with Noctowl DNA)
Age: 11
Birthday: October 24
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Nationality: Hoenn-ian
City or town of birth: Verdanturf Town
Currently lives: Littleroot Town (Travels though)
Languages spoken: English, some Pokémon
Native language: English
Job: Pokémon Trainer
Religious beliefs: N/A
Smoker?: No
Drinker?: No
Drug User?: No

Height: 4 foot 6 inches / 138 cm
Weight: 62 lbs / 27 kg
Figure/build: For his age, he looks awfully skinny and small compared to some other Trainers. Most of his features are sharp, but it gives the impression he is older than he looks. With these two qualities contradicting each other, he doesn’t look young but he doesn’t look like a teenager either. His nose is pointed and his ears are smaller than other humans.
Hairstyle and colour: He has a visible jagged hairline, curving slightly upwards across his forehead. Tuffs of dirt brown hair sticks up, more prominent as they reach nearer towards his hairline and ears. They are less apparent where his hair parts. The hair where his ears are stick out much more visibly, almost resembling the tuffs of feathers Noctowls have. His hair color is hard to describe, seeing as it is very dark at some points and very light in others. For convenience, he simply describes his hair as ‘brown’ and nothing more.
Eye colour: A dim yellow, which in the dark is hard to determine, however light makes it very obvious the irises are indeed yellow.
Skin colour: Fair skinned though you can say he looks a little tan from being outside a lot. Apparently he doesn’t burn easily.
Feather colour and places: His feathers are dark brown but most of them start growing as a light grey-brown before fully growing into full dark brown feathers. Small feathers grow on his head, mostly found at the base of his neck and sometimes mingling with his hair. Luckily for Fevel, feathers seem to grow only on his head and his arms. Since he is a kid, he doesn’t have fully developed wings. Therefore, his arms are just covered by feathers, but they grow more in number where his elbows are.
Tattoos: None
Scars: None
Piercings: None
Preferred style of clothing: He wears a typical Pokémon Trainer outfit, but he wears a light brown t-shirt with three black triangles arranged in a row like a Noctowl’s chest. He’s comfortable with khakis and sneakers, but finds jeans to be itchy and tight. He also has a wide range of hats to choose from. Some of his favorites are a baseball cap with the number 164 (the official number Noctowls have in the National PokeDex), a white hat that resembles hair with a green bandanna (much like RSE Brendan), and a large nighter’s hat. Most of these are used to somewhat hide the feathers growing out of his head.

Personality (and other stuff)
Personality: He’s generally a nice quiet kid, found smiling a lot and laughing with his Pokémon. Friendly and willing to make friends with many people, he will be nice to you if you are nice to him. He’s very fussy though and complains a lot. When angered, Fevel tends to keep it inside, although you can tell from his sudden mood swing. Other emotions such as fear and embarrassment are shown very easily.
Likes: Dragon Pokémon, winter and snow, berries
Dislikes: Stares/comments from other people, molting, warm temperatures
Fears/phobias: Being left behind, getting his Pokémon stolen
Favourite colour: Red, brown, orange
Favourite food(s): Almost anything with berries in them
Favourite drink(s): Soda pop
Hobbies: Fevel likes to collect hats for some reason, besides the PokeMorph issues, and doesn’t really say why.
Talents/skills: He sees exceptionally well in the dark and his light weight enable him to stay up in the air a little longer (only a few seconds though). The feathers also seem to muffle his movements. He can also understand a bit of Pokémon due to his odd genes but he seems to only understand his own Pokémon.

Peaceful or aggressive: Depending on his mood, he will either avoid the battle (peaceful) or take it head-on (aggressive). There are some instances when he will take the battle without offensive intentions, such as friendly battles or battles that are mandatory.
Fighting skills/techniques: He’s very strategic, thinking of advantages and disadvantages as soon as the battle starts. He’s willing to switch out Pokémon whenever they are hurt or at a clear disadvantage, even if it meant hurting his pride. He’s fond of using moves that are both offensive and defensive.
Weapon of choice (if any): None. Pokémon don’t count as weapons, jerk.

Parents: His mother is currently in Littleroot Town while his father is travelling for his work. Both don’t regard Fevel as a freak of nature; they love him like he was a normal human. In fact, they find his Pokemorphic skills to be useful at home sometimes.
Siblings: None
Children: N/A
Other Important Relatives: None that he knows of.
Partner: N/A
Best Friend: N/A
Other Important Friends: Louise (Fritter’s character)
Enemies: Team Astro

Optik – Male Noctowl (Travelling Pokémon companion) He once belonged to Fevel’s father since he was a Hoothoot, but seeing the boy needed a feathered friend, his father happily passed Optik down to Fevel.
Iwashimizu – Female Mudkip (All-around battler) She was chosen by Fevel when given the choice by Professor Birch.
Xavier – Male Taillow (Physical battler) A feisty bird Pokémon Fevel caught; he’s Fevel’s first caught Pokémon and while he disobeys the boy at times, he’s very effective at offensive attacks against Pokémon. He seems to like Fevel more than other people though, but it could be that he finds a feathered boy a better friend than a simple human.

Life story
Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc): He was born naturally in Verdanturf Town on October 24. The weather in this town is very refreshing and the air is very clean, so he was brought up in an healthy environment. He doesn’t seem to be a frail child though, so his parents decide to move to a smaller town: Littleroot Town (that and his father needed to work closer to the PokeLab there.)
Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Signs of his PokeMorph genes started to show up when he was about 4-5 years old. His parents were deeply concerned about the feathers that started growing along with his hair, but his father insisted that they leave him alone, watching him grow. They saw that the feathers were not of a hindrance to his health, and they were pleased with that, seeing that Fevel is a healthy boy like any other.
Teenage years (11 - 19): He starts his career as a Pokemon Trainer, starting off with only two Pokémon. He defeated a couple Gym Leaders so far. During his trip to Dewford Town, he explored the caves and found Louise. Much to his chagrin, she decided to follow him since they met.
Adult years (20 on): N/A
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Vilyan's Characters
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